Battleships, lag, and a capital killmail

Well I was on a capital killmail. I’ll go into the full story later.

The day started off normal. I did some belt ratting then I started to do some combat sites. I started doing these yesterday as it’s guarenteed rat spawns. They’re not always the best but they steadily get better and they’re always there with no warping between belts to see someone already has the belt cleared. Today though I encouraged a corpmate, (sorry can’t remember who it was), to join me in this so the rats would die faster. So there we were both in myrmidons killing the guristas with hammerhead IIs watching usurpers die in a minute or less. Then he says he fancies joining a fleet taking a pos to reinforced and disabling the guns.

Now we get to the good part we assemble a couple of jumps away from my ratting system so I get there in my ratting myrm. Literally I’d just jumped to the system without even clearing the cargo, that led to a small lol later. So I get to the place, we assembled at a morsus mihi POS with an Erebus setup to bridge us through. After a brief wait we went through and did a few jumps to the target pos in pure blind, X-70. On the way though we warped to station for some reason and a Phoenix undocked. Unable to shield his supprise the FC took a moment to tell us to shoot it. The poor sod in side had obviously just decided not to use his seige module, or not had the fuel to run it, as everyone in TS wa supprised how we killed it in less than a minute. Yes there were about 100 BSs at the time but I’d go as far to say he didn’t even turn on the hardners, never mind the boosters. My lowly myrm also got 1% of the damage done! That ship turned out to be one of the most expensive kills of the week.

We then continue to the target system and dance around a bit looking at the pos, finding it’s got hostiles in it, deciding to go back to have another look at the hostiles. I then have to log out for lunch. When I come back after a few hours, the FC has changed nationality, and the fleet apparently almost got a supercarrier kill but failed. And they tower was put into reinforced I think. The only thing left to do once I got back was to go out and incapacitate the guns. Easy. We go in knock down the top and bottom guns to structure and keep warping around every planet in the system in the meantime.
Unfortunately I’ve forgotten the FCs name too so I can’t shout him out either, but he was good. The KB ratio was something in the region of, billions of stuff killed, 101mill lost, for us. Take that SirMolle.

Appently the enemy did so shit because Molle logged out midfight leaving the enemy fleet without leadership.
Another reason the FC was good was because he waited for everyone to come through the gates on the wayhome.

I’ve given tovoni another shot at life using him as a trade alt in Rens. I’ve given him 20 mill to start and I’m going with some old products that worked in amarr and a new product completely. If he doesn’t make me ****loads I’m gonna make him pod himself.

Remember me moaning about my old myrmidon not being delivered. Well, what can I say. About fucking time! Maybe? Yorkshire pulled through? Nah. I’ll go with the former. As a little recompence for the wait though my legendary CEO gave me 50 mill for the hastle. And the good news continued from there. You know I thought the 85 mill I was given was from the person going to buy me a megathron? Well I just got given a megathron with rigs at the set destination. Booyah. So I think the 85 mill may have just come from a fan! Or the guy was just being very generous. Now, all I need is large hybrid turrets!


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  1. Poor SirMolle, he learned nothing in Delve.

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