So that’s why they do it

I think I’m beginning to understand why people do 0.0 pvp. It’s fun to have 80 in TS and 100 people in fleet waiting patiently for the FC occaisonally cracking a good joke and getting hyped about a possible carrier kill.

I started the day late after coming back from Nottingham. I came on did a bit of ratting, but here’s the problem, it’s insanely boring!!!

So I decided to join the gatecamp fleet we have, after jumping around abit as they were jumping around chasing after stuff in the intel channels that were a few jumps from the main base. I should mention I was in a sniper cruiser shooting at around 20k with antimatter ammo. Didn’t have a point disrupted or webber though, instead using a cap recharger and sensor booster. I finally meet up with the fleet at the base and we set straight off to NCGR-Q. We camped around there for a while. If I remember right we almost got some tech 3 kills but only a Loki came through and he managed to escape.
We then came back to the start system camping the fate into low-sec. After getting cloakers in there and several requests for scanners to come in and look for some safespotted ships, we got a call from bret.

All credit to Yorkshire now as he and the FC formulated a master plan. He was trying to get his rorqual out from the lowsec station but it was camped by a zealot, vagabond, maybe a harbinger, and a Thanatos! The plan was that bret would undock his rorqual to get their attention and to check what was happening, then we warp in, tackle and kill. We managed to kill the vagabond and zealot. We almost killed the Thanatos too but we were mainly a gang of 70 BCs and a few battleships, so we somehow lost the tackle and lost him in half armour. The atlas,(could have been gentlemen’z club), carrier should have been ashamed, camping a poor rorqual.

We then went straight back up to a reported carrier tackle in TVN, it didn’t appear to there, we only saw a group of 5 dramiels and a sabre. There was talk of springing the rorqual/station trap again, but if they did do it I didn’t stick around for it.

I think I’ve got my skill que sorted out too. In 19 dys, when gallente cruiser V finishes, I’ll train up large hybrid turrets and CCC rigs so I can use my new BS, still caught up in mastakomon as obe is gatecamp heaven, and I don’t know about the system after that! I’ll continue to train up BS modules and skills useful to to it for up to a month, then revert back to cruiser skills. First weapon upgrades V then propultuion jamming V. see where I’m going here? Yes, I’m going for a heavy interdictor! Phobos to be precise. I have it planned out, 2 reps and lots of hardeners and cap boosters, then armour rigs. Can someone answer me this though, I know when using the bubble the Hic can’t be RRed but can it be RRed with the script loaded? Once I can fly that I’ll move onto hacs, then crosstrain into amarr. Then I’ll continue again into BS skills and probably start using +4 implants, if I dare! And train for T2 guns.


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