Blogging to the masses

It was only last night I last blogged which is a bit early, but the idea for this blog came to me and I didn’t want to forget.

It was not long ago that my blog was dedicated to simply getting daily hits, I’d advertise in ingame channels, blog daily to appear on eve bloggers front page, ( they contribute a lot to the blogs popularity with rss feeds and such. But the whole blog was dedicated to just satisfieing a want for popularity and not concentrating on real stories, it boiled down to, ‘today, I have 5 days left on a skill, I can’t wait to get in a WH, visit this blog dammit.’
I can only imagine it was fucking boring to read.
I won’t deny I don’t still do bits of advertising, I put a link to the blog on my corp forum signature. I put a link in my latest alliance post, but that was relevant to the post.

It may be a obvious plug, but I can’t thank locusts. enough! They reinvigorated this blog, I do pvp operations and not die, I make respectable money from ratting, I have fun! Majesta obviously deserve some credit here but I still would have had fun without them being in a WH.

I don’t really have anymore stories for today apart from one successful op we did that spanned too many systems to name. The main events of it were; 1) killing a POS, 2) smarting at the patheticness of atlas while killing the pos, 3) and chasing after a couple of supercarriers.

The successful POS takedown was one that was reinforced a few days ago on an op I decided not to do. When we came through to the atlas pos we were warned about some stealth bomber gangs that atlas were using. We smarted at the fact they ere reduced to such a cheap tactic when they are such a huge alliance. If they were small and poor it would be acceptable because it’s a good cheap tactic if you can’t afford to field more effective capitals. So we started to takedown the POS and at about half armour, about 10 stealth bombers jumped to the pos but, they got caught in a bubble. Somehow one of hictor/hictor pilots had placed a bubble about 100km from the main fleet, catching the stealth bomber at range, out of range of the bombs. How we laughed as they were killed quickly and efficiently with no damage taken at all from them.

The supercarriers were supposed to be a few jumps away and when we got the call, we abandoned the movement to X-70 and tried to reach them. Someone said that they gas both cynoed in on a tengu in a combat site. This couldn’t be confirmed though because it took so long to get to the system because of gate traffic. We then proceeded to X-70 where we camped a station until I got bored and went home. Ironically, I think the fleet got a few kills after I left.

For all the fighting I was in my trusty ‘target is invunerabl’ sniper thorax. I fitted him a loopy different though by removing a small armour repper for an inertia stabaliser and a cap recharger for another sensor booster.

I also discovered the old passive myrm can tank a guristas haven. The last time I went into one of those I almost died but this time I managed to tank it all solo, though I warped out to join the POS bash fleet. Can someone tell me if it’s good to be able to solo tank a haven. I’m interested because the sanctum always seems to be used by others and we’re banned from that anomaly in some systems. Which is more profitable, sanctum or haven?


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