Im sure that made your E-Peen so much bigger!

I started off the day as usual, did a bit of ratting, though I did it a bit differently this time using a thorax to see if it’s any quicker, it’s not.

I got the call of an op going down so I hiked up to H-W to bridge in. The actual fight was going down in some dead-end system with one gate if I remember right. So we camp this gate for a few minutes, suffering some pretty bad lag, then the enemy cynos in a mixed capital and battleship fleet, I even saw a nyx! We were a completely battleship fleet though. This causes some god aweful lag though, effectively freezing eve for me, bar a few frames per minute.
Then some damage starts to come in. From a carrier. Oh here’s the best bit. I was still in a thorax, and this carrier tries to kill me! The actual killing blow was laid by a maelstrom using 720mm artillery on me. But a carrier, chimera, blowing up a thorax. I’m sure your E-peen has grown exponentially mate. To nail the sad nails in ITs PR coffin. The FC said later that his interceptor had been doomsdayed!

The lag was actually so bad that I had to reboot the computer because it froze the computer. I relogged and it froze again as I entered the battlefield. I logged in again several hours and the fight had moved on. As I warped to the old field of battle at the gate, I really wished i’d had a hauler at the time. There was so many hobgoblin IIs just left there. I had a few safe jumps until I ran into an unavoidable gatecamp in my pod. Like a man I tried to burn out but it was enevitable I’d be killed in the process, at least it gets me back to base, I thought.

Well no it takes me to the nearest high sec from base. And I lost my implants, ****. So I pause my skills, jump up to tvn and hear about another op to defend our most strategic JB. Unfortunately I miss the final Titan bridge as I looked for the blasters or railguns to buy or get from the corp hangar. We have none! Someone in ME start building or bringing in non-t2 hybrid guns. I log out as I have to leave anyway. Oh shit I forgot to restart the skills!!!

On the Corp logistics side, I think I have found a way to get cheap goods from jita, to the main fight in 0.0. Basically, I use tovoni in his hauler to drag modules safely up from Jita, and put them in the Corp hangar, people pay me for the modules they order as I think I’ll make this service available to the Corp, and ask kindly if one of our corps jump freighter pilots can send the stuff up to TVN and give it back to us to use/sell. I’m releasing this plan without fear because I want people to do it. Just do it to lower the cost of this damn war, and so we have better fit pilots for all the blobs!



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