1armageddon, 1 munnin, 2 brutix, 3 carriers, and a titan

You know how I complained that I lost a thorax to chimera. I lied I checked the kill mail and it turns out I had a geddon, munnin, 2 brutix, 3 Thanatos and leviathan killing me. That FC was pretty desperate for a kill!

I tried another pvp op today to defend our entry system from atlas. I got caught in a bubble when everyone else had warped out. I was pissed but I’d insured the brutix in station and the fitting was mostly free. Shame I didn’t Corp insure it but the loss didn’t hurt in any department other than the killboard one.

To try and recoup any major losses I just ratted for the rest of the day.

On the days before that though, some shit went down! I’m now using tovoni as a station trading alt in jita. I gave him 20 mill and he’s staying level I think. He’s not making it big but the trade sems to be making a bit of money. I’ve tried a few items but there’s only Bern one successful one and I think I’ll continue it. The unsuccessful ones include missiles, the prices fluctuates due to time of day, scanner probes, nobody buys them, and caesium. It keeps being outbid. My current item stays stays fairly steady and it has a nice margin. I think I’ll cancel all the other orders and just concentrate on this item. I reckon it could turn pretty proffitable once I trade more of it.

I also suffered a terrible morale blow these past few days. My super tank myrmidon was defeated. I went to a guristas troop reinvigoration camp, (a 6/10 complex), got to the second room and drew full room aggro from 7 BSs, 12 BCs and a small army of frigs and destroyers. The tank slowly died before I warped out. Thankfully some good old corpmates cleared the room so I could grab my stuff and try and rebuild.

This war we’re in is taking it’s toll. The markets here are emptying, things are more expensive and we can’t safely get stuff from empire because IT, COW and ATLAS are camping our exits and jita is probably just a hellhole. We’ve managed to get a few things but it’s a pain to get anything big up.

That fight I mentioned today? Great success. ATLAS was trying to take our system at about 2PM by putting up their SBUs. Then they offline it and reonline it. We were outnumbered so were were trying hit and run sniper HAC raids on them. Like I said I was killed and podded but the reports are that we killed 2 if their SBUs and simply owned the field. As a lot of people are now saying, ‘We’re not just carebears, we can fight back’. And we have, look at what ATLAS, COW and IT have captured. Nothing. They only seem to be able to perma-reinforce a low-sec pos.

I’ve also gotten wise about saving money when I die. Only install implants I’m going to use now. For the past couple of pods I’ve used 3 +3s for intel, memory and percep, no matter what I’m training. Along with +2s in the others. Now it’s just the +3s in perception and willpower because I’ve got that for another 2 weeks along with gunnery and other skills that need this skills.

The final op I was on today was actually a liitle stealth op. A corpmate found a WH straight into delve. I had to leave after a neutral in a dramiel killed my very, very poorly fit incursus but that left a drake and a manticore in delve to wreck havok. How’d you like that IT. right inside your lines ready to kill on sight.


PS. IT we have so much funny propaganda on you. We’ve got Easter present posters and old WWII posters with you clowns photoshopped in.


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