Back to empire

And back to empire for me. We have left majesta after our trail ran out. As far as I know we were the ones who left and weren’t kicked, but I’ve been absent for the past week so I dint really know.

So it’s back to missioning with me. We’ve moved over to amarr space, though I’ve stayed at isekesu because I’ve got much better standing with the caldari navy so it’s easier for me. I’m also only 4 jumps from jita. I managed to run one mission before I had to come off and it was but nostalgic. It was boring as hell!!!

However, in the runup to getting to re mission I had to sell my stuff I left at tvn. So I jumpclone back up there and sell all my stuff, apart from a myrm I had whick was insured for 40 mill but the selling price was less than 30.
So I undock and bargain on a suicide clone back down to mastakomon. Te funny part in that was that I undocked alongside a rorqual. And that roroqual had a scramblers. And ogre IIs. You see where Im going with this. I get podded in about 1 min and I’m back to the safety of highsec, with no wardecs!!

And in other good news, gallente cruiser V!!!! The month of training is over. Now for a dew more weeks of training and I’m in a Ishtar.
And I now also have 8 million SP.

I think I might restart my WH ops again to make a bit more money than missions, bur I’d still say a level 4 is more profitable than soloing class 2 or 3 WHs.


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