This blogging lark

Am I anygood at this blogging thing? I seem to posting once a week at this rate and it’s not like the stories I have are massive epics like some blogs.

But moving on from the self pitying stuff. God it’s been a while since I’ve shared my stories. Wormholes, mission, 0.0. It’s a long story.

And I’m gonna tell you pretty much all of it!

So I think I’ve told you how I did one level 3 mission and became horribly bored by it. Then the next day I found a class 2 WH. Naturally I went in, checked it out and ran some sites. In my trusty old myrmidon I went off and tried to kickass. I did the site ‘reminants of *something* cohort 27. When I came out after god knows how long of trying to kill the bastard sleeper battleships, I came out with something in the region of 35 mill. Pretty good. The thing is alot of this comes from the initial spawn. Over half I think. The five frigs give you 15 mill in nanoribbons, (I checked it, I did the initial spawn again and got 3 ribbons again), and then another few mill through the battleship blue tax.

Why did it take so long? Well I forgot to use sentry drones like I said I would last time I blogged about the matter and used warrior Is. If I get the chance again, I’m using the damn sentries. Why? Well incase you haven’t been following me that long it’s because there’s no travel time. As long as you sit still, and my myrm has the tank to do so, if your drones are primaried, they can be retracted instantly. They also have sufficient buffertank not to instapop.

But the more interesting news is that we’re going to 0.0 again. We’ve joined reckoning. (not the ‘.’), alliance. As far as I know it’s an industrial corp deep into 0.0. How deep? Well 3 JF jumps if I’m right. Scalding pass rings a bell but I’m really not sure. All I know is that we have 5 systems all for industry and ratting activities. We have PVP but that’s circumstantial to being in 0.0.

As ever, my plan is get in my myrm and rat my face off until I’m bored then go fail at PVP and rage quit for a week after getting called primary! It’s a great life!

Really though. If we get the chance I might join the WH colonisation. If we don’t start that again then I’ll just try to find the odd class 2 or 3 and solo it.

Of course I’ll indulge you all in my plan for skills. Basically, train for Ishtar. Use it. Make money. Rage quit when I lose it. I might wait until after tyrannis to get my Ishtar so I get the new insurance bonuses given to t2 ships. Hopefully the angels will be kind and give me easy money. Apparently the systems got lots of military upgrades though for complexes so all should be good.



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