Ready to move, move it!

Well first off I’ll apologise. I said last post that we were moving to somewhere but no, we’re really going to insmother. The rest of the info is true.

But yes I’ve got the myrm setup at RENs. And because of the fact that it’s just a ship I can’t be bothered to fly to RENs, or fly well for that matter, I’ve just sold it along with the rigs to raise the wallet to the alltime high of 220 million. It’s a good now all that needs to happen is that I go get a jumpclone installed in the rorqual and jumpclone to the new home. Or I can suicide clone but I don’t seem to me able to find any station on the list that’s in insmother.

I’ve also almost completed engineering V. And if I didn’t tell you I’ve also got mechanic V. Now I’m getting repair systems V. Once I’ve got the right implants in I’ll get onto weapon upgrades, and then I’ll be kicking ass in my Ishtar!!!!



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