Stupid NOIR.

Grrrr. I’ve still not moved. It seems that noir. along with others, are having a mini invasion of the systems around us which is deterring ne from risking myself by travelling.

Unfortunately aswell we’ve been unable to get clones at our new home because they aren’t giving us access to the offices.

And I can’t use the rorqual to carry my JC because, well, brets the only one who can make a cyno so he can’t travel too easy.

I think I’m just going to have to get my myrm out of the Corp hangar and bite the bullet, try and get into a convoy and speed down to EUU. Maybe train for a cloaking device while I’m there?

The only real good thing to happen today was that I happened to be online for the alliance meeting on vent.

And for the good old skills update. Well I’m getting repair systems V, (weird I know but I had 5 mins to find a skill that would last me at least a day or two that I had the implants for. Once I have the implants i’ll get assault ships up to 4 or 5 before weapon upgrades V and at last. Heavy assault ships!!


Bring on dominian! Get me even more isk! (Beg still applies nomatter what my income is, only my expectations go higher.)

Did I mention I have over 200 mill?


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