Mmm. Tasty trailer

Ah yes, the new tyrannis trailer has come. Something that isn’t just some short videos of freighters omniously flying towards a planet, GET ON WITH IT!! I scream at the old trailer. This new one seems to be part emperian age trailer with the massive battle scene, and part dominion/butterfly effect trailer with the suggestion of acorns to oak trees and the constant stream of WIN!

And the CSM. if I’m honest I didn’t even know the voting was on again so I’ll have to get around to voting for the right man.

But in eve a sobering event has happened. I’m back in good old 0.0. The home of the rich bastards with faction ships.
I moved there with a tiny little shuttle, but I didn’t brave the gayecamps alone. I had help, I’m terribly sorry though I can’t remember the guys name, he was in green alliance though so I suppose I’ll just shout you allk out. Anyway, while I was still in highsec travelling, I noticed this guy following me through every system, so I convo this guy, ask him if he’s going to 0.0 too. Turns out he was. So I suggest we fleet up and move as a team. He valiently said he’d be scout for me. And so we move out into the great wildlands. Luckily I timed this so perfectly that there was only a few thousand people in game because it was literally just after downtime. We did however find one gatecamp. A few ships on a gate, he lost a shuttle while I played around with the stiletto jumping back and forth at the gate. I eventually get through unscathed and proceed to insmother and Reckoning. space.

In my eagerness and impatience I simply buy a myrm off the Market and not wait for my myrm to be delivered. (Thank god for that, bret and zaslow are still having trouble moving ships.) And set it up in a fairly cheapish armour tank setup that’s stable with two reps and will tank any belt spawn. Most of them but the multiple battleship spawns with one repper too.

Also after experimenting for an hour or so with sentries I find that just using Hammerhead IIs is the fastest way to rat the angels.

The trouble I have though is that I’m now down to 100 mill or so. In 0.0 everything is pretty damn expensive. I mean eveything, ships modules, guns in particular are in short supply. Costing over a mill for even just meta 1 or 2 things. And ofcourse this is compounded by the fact that angels use projectiles and missles, not hybrids. Another major pricey item are implants, for the most part only +3s are seeded and they have a pricetag of 16 mill. I had to get 2 just to train assault ships in a reasonable time then I have weapon upgrades 5 before I get to heavy assault ships. But I have done it. I have finally managed to reach assault ships, a target I’ve had for months, it has finally happened. WOOOT!

But of course. 0.0 means being in constant conflict with evil forces, and of all the evils there are none worth than that of the Russians, (SOLAR FLEET and xXDEATHXx are Russian yeah?), which send in a few people a day to piss us off. But we got our own back when we destroyed 2 redeemer black ops ships. I’ll be honest though, the alliance killboard is all but stunning.

I think that just about wraps up what I have to say about the last few days, did I ever mention we have an awesome Corp logo by a comicbook artist, cool guy.



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