In my absence…

Ahhhhh. It’s been a long time since I blogged. Things happen in long times. Usually big things.

Probably the biggest revalation of mention is the fact that the glorious locusts. pretty much don’t exist. The Corp does but as a shadow of its former glory. It is pretty much relegated to highsec, ejected from reckoning. and with far fewer members. While alot of people split to new corps, paceybaby for example was trying to join a WH Corp last I heard, quite a few of us have fled to CDSV, Caldari Deep Space Ventures, as recommended by bretonia. They are in reckoning. and are are much more pvp oriented from what I can tell. I’ve only had a few conversations with the members but they all seem a decent bunch.

The next piece of big news is something I’ve wanted to be able to say for a long time. I think I’ve already said that I can fly the ishkur. If I didn’t say that, I can. But this I’d bigger news, I can now finally fly the T2 heavy assault cruisers of the gallente faction. In laymans terms, I fly Ishtar bitch. The beautiful green hull of concentrated drone power. When I can afford one I’ll be owning those pesky rats faster than ever with 5 sentries or heavies. Unfortunately the skill book costs 33 mill in jita so I had no money I’d like to lose after I bought it.

The alliance tournament eh. The final should just have finished and my moneys on pandemic legion. Why? Well as far as I’ve seen they’re unstoppable. Shame atlas didn’t win though, (have to give a shoutout to the landlords).

Planetary interaction. Phew that’s a mouthfull. I cant say I’ve done too much but I’ve set up a small colony on a gas giant to get some noble gases.

In part of my absence I also went to Belgium. I drank beer, fell in a nettle pit, twice, and had an amazing time in the beautiful weather.

And every good reader should look forward to the skill update. I now have 11 million sp. While I was in Belgium I trained up assault ships 5 and I’m now getting small hybrid turret V so I can kick some ass with T2 blaster. Unfortunately I spent about 8 hours training small energy turret V by accident. But oh well.

And that is everything I can think of for now.


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