Tomovoni, and his cousin Tovoni (cousins even though tovoni is a Gallente Gallente, and Tomovoni is an Amarr Amarr?) are two people trying to survive in eve. Tovoni however is frozen in cryostasis and may never be seen again!

Tovoni is in the Infinity trading Corporation (cool guys, about 25 of them all in Heimatar in minmatar space. Headquarters are in Abudban, they don’t advertise so you have to search for them in people and places.)

Tomovoni is in the 49th  Imperial Crusade((I think) just me and Tyler Mohaffy, who i’ve only met once because i’m in Britain and he’s in Chicago, in Domain in Amarr space, we do adverise however so you can find us in the ‘corporation not in an alliance’ filter. Trouble with Tyler is that it’s very blatantly obvious that he never read the ‘beginners guide to tanking’ because he uses a armour and shield tank on a Harbinger!)


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