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Ah. Now to wait a momth for a skill to train. What?!
March 21, 2010

Well, we may have a problem. The main computer that I use, the only one that hasn’t had issues with eve, seems to have packed it in. When it turned on it put some random desktop shortcuts to innapropriate sites for some reason. And nearly every application has to be started manually instead of double clicking it. AVG seemed to have cleared up the website oroblems but there’s still the double click problem, along with most windows application not working at all.
In actual eve I’m not really doing much. Bret says he’s delivering the myrm and I’ve not had anything to do since empire’s offlimits. My one small vice has been gatecamping with 40 others in ****** and not being able to get a lock before the poor bastards been podded. I decided not to go on another suicidal ratting run in my vexor for obvious reasons and have been sorting out my skills. I’ve trained up some gunnery skills but now I’m ultimately going to train gallente cruiser v! the reason for the choice of a 4 week skill is simple. It could be several days before the computer is sorted out by the repairman, if not replaced, and my eve subscription is due to run out anyday now and it could take me another few days to get that sorted. The result of using a 4 week skill… I have all the time in the world to sort out all my problems.
Like I say with training up some gunnery skills, the only reason I have those is because a corpmate made a last minute run to get me the hybrid turret skillbooks before he came to 0.0. Once I have gallente cruiser v I’ll start training up for T2 hybrid guns as my next goal is to make a thorax setup to kick guristas ass in the belts, the thorax being faster, harder hitting and having a better tank than the vexor. A similar setup can ofcourse be used in PVP roaming gang very effectively.
Then I’d probably move to a deimos for ratting because of better resists, more damage, faster, looking cooler, more room to fit damage mods because I’ll us less resist mods because of natural badass resists to serpentis and guristas.
Then the Astarte because of all the above. Ect


I did it! Wait.. Where’s my ship?!
March 20, 2010

I finally made it up to 0.0, the final frontier, of carebearing!

Anyway, I had an early start and decided to not wait fr someone to guide me through as protection like people said they would, and instead went in head first in my little caldari shuttle. Luckily the alliance’s space is only a matter of jumps away and there’s usually a friendly gatecamp on the way in so it’s not too worrying. Then you go through a jumpbridge and voila! Your in the alliances main base.

Now, to get to the outpost and get the ship i asked to be sent up for me. Aw shit! So I ask around to see if anyone’s seen the guy I gave it to 2 days ago. Then the CEO comes on and I ask him if he can grab it from the corp hangar he says he will but he’s about 20 jumps down in Pashanai because that was the corps old hangout, but now we’ve all been ordered up to 0.0 to get the killboard stats up. In the end I’m still waiting for whoever to deliver my myrmidon so I can do some ratting and feel secure about gankers and officer spawns.

In the absence of my myrmidon, and the consequent banning of going into high-sec because of the current wars we have on, I buy a vexor, some armour hardeners, a repairer, afterburner and some cap boosters, I go into a belt and try to kill 2 battleships and 3 cruisers. In the end it takes me so long to kill the BSs and 1 cruiser with 3 warden sentry drones, that the battleships respawn on me. The actual setup is pretty solid as it can tank that spawn but its too slow to have the repairer working on a burst basis so there re cap issues. Major cap issues as I cant carry enough cap booster 800s. After killing most of the spawn I have to log off and that was pretty much the whole story.

If I had the money I could easily make with my myrmidon if I had it, (yes I’m looking at you!), I could probably afford to lose some ships in PVP combat and get he killboard stats up for Bret, which he will be pleased about so we don’t get kicked from the alliance.


January 29, 2010

Right, it really is the end of an era. 2 whole days without any traffic on the blog-site. Why the fuck weren’t you reading it!!!?!?

That’ it. The end of this blog, I worked too hard to get this few reads a day!!

not really, I enjoy making the blog too much to quit it, and yes, I do know that you can read it in the RSS feed without the site being trafficked, but t was nice!

well. Back to whining about not having money and having no ships or anything!

As punishment for not visiting the blog:


The end of an era
January 2, 2010

Well it may well be the end of a prostigious and proud era of blogging. For me anyway. I’m not Tain but I think I may have finally had a day with noone viewing the blog. I’ll admit it’s probably my fault as I haven’t blogged in days meaning I haven’t shown up on the rss feed. But nontheless. I’m still horrified and disgusted by each and everyone of my regular readers for not keeping that count up. (If it turns out I had traffic. I take that back. Your all swell guys)

But for actual news, I’m still trying to scrape an existance in eve by trading on the side while running complexes in my lowly arbitrator. This however has become much less safe as recently, my Corp was wardecced by a small 2 man Corp with a member with some obvious PVP experience named, Kahnne. This bastard also pod kills. Kahnne, if for some coincidence you read this. I meant that! So far him and his T2 drone and neuting dominix has taken the life of Uldamar’s dominix and someone else’s megathron plus their pod.
Last night we were supposed to do a large mining op somewhere around Korama but it was semi-called off because this guy was online and kicking aroud our area so we thought it risky to do it. We did have a few people willing to act as protection against him (me included, I was going to be a tackler) but we didn’t have enough battleships to take him out. We then discussed doing a hunting op to take him out. Trouble was I couldn’t get to my ship as jita had been locked down, so I had to go to sobaseki and pickup ragtag gear to fit together a punisher suitable for a gang. To annoy me further, we all tried to get on evevoice to talk but sod’s law dictated I would be tortured by everyone but me having a working talk button. So I’m sat here listening to everyone get to know each other and I’m pressing every talk button i can select in the options in futile desperation for it to work.
Then it turns out he had logged off just after I’d finally got the pieces together for my punisher. “mining op?” calls squad leader, Pesky
Tonight there’s supposed to be a PVP op going on and godhelp my keyboard manufacturer if it doesn’t work.

WordPress has a bit of a weird comment system, eh?
December 22, 2009

I’ve just discovered that the comment system in WordPress operates very strangely. I think, but don’t quote on this, if you approve someone’s comment a couple of times then any other comment they give will automatically be approved by the system. this is a bit annoying to me because it means I don’t see how many times someone’s commented, without actually manually checking. when someone’s never commented though it shows in the comments button but that’s the only time I ever see them manually.

not any real news but i had to get it out of my system.

But for actual eve news. I’m having a real annoying time with the corps. the agent gave  rock hard mission for my calibre. I might have found a corp for me. trouble is, they mission with the gallente federation and they seem to put a large amount of time into mining and they want everybody to eventually get into a hulk. another corp I’m interested in is the ‘Blue Republic’. Trouble is the only reason I fancy them is because of the PVP they do against the ‘Red Empire’. I’m still open to corporation recruitment ideas. can they preferably be EU timezones though.