Good things come to those who wait..
May 22, 2010

And you’ve waited a very long time.
That’s right I’m finally back, at least for today, with the story of tomovoni and his travels.

Now I’ll be honest, the main reason I’ve not blogged is the fact I’ve not been on. But contrary to common belief,the world of eve does not come to a stand-still when I leave. Shocking I know.

There’s so much news though that I’m probably gonna forget to report of it. The first bit of news to come to my mind however is that the myrmidons fimally come! That beautiful machine has come to bless us with it’s owenage even though I find an armour tank better because it’s faster and has no cap issues. Along with that delivery came the implants I purchased cheap in high sec so I don’t lose too much money if I get popped.

The next thing I can think of is weapon upgrades V! Now I can use the T2 Magstabs I’ve been salivating over, mainly because our Market is nearly completely seeded with T2 stuff when it comes to the gallente. All the guns are T2, most drones, most armour mods. I don’t resent this per se but it’s a bummer that I’ll have to get T2 guns just to fly an ishkur.
After I’ve finished spaceship command V I’ll be in my Ishtar. But I’ll be in Belgium camping for over a week so I’ll just put assault ships V on for 3 weeks just because it’s long and useful, especially considering the next bit of info.

We have been sorted into PVP squads. This basically means we’re going for getting our name on the killboards. And the best part, I may well be selected for being a squad leader. This is not certain though but there is a fairchance. Why’s this related to assault ships? Well, if I am selected for leading the poor sods into battle I’ll probably be doing a frigate wolfgang, no bombers though, I don’t like bombers.
Another feature of my leadership will be forcing my subordinates to sign a document deasribing how, as far as they are concerned, I AM GOD! and they will do everything I tell them.

The next news I can think of is the failed PVP op today. To cut a long and tortuous story short, I waited an hour for the fleet to do something, then they told us to switch to TS3 which I couldn’t be bothered downloading, then they said go back on vent after I left.

After this I had a bit more fun after a guy created a ratting fleet. Me and a couple of others joined and decided to do a sanctum site, we made about 7 mill doing this before I had to leave but it was pretty cool watching battleships die in less than a minute.

And tyrannis has been delayed! If it gets rid of the lag issues in big fleets, I don’t care if they delay it another month.

And that is all the news I can think of for now.



This blogging lark
April 28, 2010

Am I anygood at this blogging thing? I seem to posting once a week at this rate and it’s not like the stories I have are massive epics like some blogs.

But moving on from the self pitying stuff. God it’s been a while since I’ve shared my stories. Wormholes, mission, 0.0. It’s a long story.

And I’m gonna tell you pretty much all of it!

So I think I’ve told you how I did one level 3 mission and became horribly bored by it. Then the next day I found a class 2 WH. Naturally I went in, checked it out and ran some sites. In my trusty old myrmidon I went off and tried to kickass. I did the site ‘reminants of *something* cohort 27. When I came out after god knows how long of trying to kill the bastard sleeper battleships, I came out with something in the region of 35 mill. Pretty good. The thing is alot of this comes from the initial spawn. Over half I think. The five frigs give you 15 mill in nanoribbons, (I checked it, I did the initial spawn again and got 3 ribbons again), and then another few mill through the battleship blue tax.

Why did it take so long? Well I forgot to use sentry drones like I said I would last time I blogged about the matter and used warrior Is. If I get the chance again, I’m using the damn sentries. Why? Well incase you haven’t been following me that long it’s because there’s no travel time. As long as you sit still, and my myrm has the tank to do so, if your drones are primaried, they can be retracted instantly. They also have sufficient buffertank not to instapop.

But the more interesting news is that we’re going to 0.0 again. We’ve joined reckoning. (not the ‘.’), alliance. As far as I know it’s an industrial corp deep into 0.0. How deep? Well 3 JF jumps if I’m right. Scalding pass rings a bell but I’m really not sure. All I know is that we have 5 systems all for industry and ratting activities. We have PVP but that’s circumstantial to being in 0.0.

As ever, my plan is get in my myrm and rat my face off until I’m bored then go fail at PVP and rage quit for a week after getting called primary! It’s a great life!

Really though. If we get the chance I might join the WH colonisation. If we don’t start that again then I’ll just try to find the odd class 2 or 3 and solo it.

Of course I’ll indulge you all in my plan for skills. Basically, train for Ishtar. Use it. Make money. Rage quit when I lose it. I might wait until after tyrannis to get my Ishtar so I get the new insurance bonuses given to t2 ships. Hopefully the angels will be kind and give me easy money. Apparently the systems got lots of military upgrades though for complexes so all should be good.


Im sure that made your E-Peen so much bigger!
April 3, 2010

I started off the day as usual, did a bit of ratting, though I did it a bit differently this time using a thorax to see if it’s any quicker, it’s not.

I got the call of an op going down so I hiked up to H-W to bridge in. The actual fight was going down in some dead-end system with one gate if I remember right. So we camp this gate for a few minutes, suffering some pretty bad lag, then the enemy cynos in a mixed capital and battleship fleet, I even saw a nyx! We were a completely battleship fleet though. This causes some god aweful lag though, effectively freezing eve for me, bar a few frames per minute.
Then some damage starts to come in. From a carrier. Oh here’s the best bit. I was still in a thorax, and this carrier tries to kill me! The actual killing blow was laid by a maelstrom using 720mm artillery on me. But a carrier, chimera, blowing up a thorax. I’m sure your E-peen has grown exponentially mate. To nail the sad nails in ITs PR coffin. The FC said later that his interceptor had been doomsdayed!

The lag was actually so bad that I had to reboot the computer because it froze the computer. I relogged and it froze again as I entered the battlefield. I logged in again several hours and the fight had moved on. As I warped to the old field of battle at the gate, I really wished i’d had a hauler at the time. There was so many hobgoblin IIs just left there. I had a few safe jumps until I ran into an unavoidable gatecamp in my pod. Like a man I tried to burn out but it was enevitable I’d be killed in the process, at least it gets me back to base, I thought.

Well no it takes me to the nearest high sec from base. And I lost my implants, ****. So I pause my skills, jump up to tvn and hear about another op to defend our most strategic JB. Unfortunately I miss the final Titan bridge as I looked for the blasters or railguns to buy or get from the corp hangar. We have none! Someone in ME start building or bringing in non-t2 hybrid guns. I log out as I have to leave anyway. Oh shit I forgot to restart the skills!!!

On the Corp logistics side, I think I have found a way to get cheap goods from jita, to the main fight in 0.0. Basically, I use tovoni in his hauler to drag modules safely up from Jita, and put them in the Corp hangar, people pay me for the modules they order as I think I’ll make this service available to the Corp, and ask kindly if one of our corps jump freighter pilots can send the stuff up to TVN and give it back to us to use/sell. I’m releasing this plan without fear because I want people to do it. Just do it to lower the cost of this damn war, and so we have better fit pilots for all the blobs!


Show me the money! Again
March 28, 2010

Where to start. It feels like I have lots of news but I can’t remember it. I suppose the big news is that I’ve got a myrmidon. I think I explained how I was lent the money for but now I’ve started to make that money back. Shame it takes so fucking long. The big problem with a passively tanked myrmidon is that all your medium and low slots are taken up for the shield. So you can’t fit the drone speed or tracking mods, I’m not sure of the use though, and the CPU is mostly used up, making it harder to fit control units to increase the control range. And unless you don’t plan to loot and salvage, the drone DPS without T2 heavies is sod all. You can’t even fit the sentry rig. So it takes me over 10 minutes to kill a BS rat. I’ve timed it. But on the other hand, it’s the fastest money I’ve ever had. I’ve made some rough calculations at 8 million per hour. Not a lot for some but I’m ecstatic. Shame corp tax is at 15%. To counter this I’m going to dart using T2 drones. Hammerheads though, they aren’t quite the right type for guristas but I’d venture a guess they do better than 2 warden Is and 3 hornet Is. Like I say though I’m getting a megathron soon hopefully and then that’ll be my primary DPS, guristas-killing boat until I grab an Ishtar when I have the money and skills, in about 5 weeks if I train straight to it, but I’ve been adding in random skills here and there that are less than 24 hours, inbetween gallente cruiser V and now. So it will be more like 10 weeks before I’ll be flying it with any proficiency. And that’s if I have the money for it.
The Ishtar I’m planning will also be setup in a passive shield tank. The shields have huge kinetic damage resistance which makes the ship near perfect for guristas ratting. It may even be able to take one of the combat sites here in 0.0. I was in my myrm in my favourite ratting system, and I decided to try guristas paradise. It spawned aroud 10 BSs and gods own army of support cruisers I just about managed to warp out before they hit my armour. I think that was the first time that tank had ever failed me. Anyway. No matter how you cut it. An Ishtar will kill alot faster than this myrm with it’s mere 75Mb/s bandwidth.
I suppose another bit of news is that I’m a mere week from flying new mega just how I want it. Fairly fast, kindof powerful, and alot more intimidating and gatecampable, than my myrmidon.
In other news, I’m also up to my neck in Yorkshire(wo)men. The CEO is from Yorkshire, several corpmates, are from Yorkshire, and the CEO’s brother, is probably also from yorkshire. And I quote again from a classmate of mine after we created a foul stench in chemistry class, ‘smells like Yorkshire!’
Not that I have anything against the snivelling, dog-race-watching, I-live-on-a-country-estate,th-White-rose-smells-nicer-than-the-red-rose, types who deliver my ships in perfect working order. Which they will,(imagine a an outrageous Lancashire bloke beating your head in should anything otherwise happen). If you happen to not be in Locusts., please do not take offence at the previous paragraph as they do not represent the authers true view of yorkshire(wo)men. If you are from Yorkshire and are in Locusts., the image of an outrageous Lancashire bloke beating your head can become a harsh reality.
Fly safe, with my cargo.

And I’m back!
March 25, 2010

Ah yes after a brief absence due to technical difficulties, I have great, well ok, news and bad news. The good news is that I have a new myrmidon to go rat in after Sew lent me the money to get it. The bad part of that news is that someone, still hasn’t delivered my old myrmidon that  I had fitted out just how I like it. The ship is also 14 jumps from the main hub of operations, (though I think we may be moving base, I’m just not sure), and a battlecruiser is very slow to align, though I suppose their might be some inertia stabilisers in the station I’m currently at.

Another bit of bad news is that the wormhole operations led by the corp have completely shut down. Shame really as I wanted to join them once we were allowed abit more freedom in 0.0

Oh yay, another bit of bad news, the new EVEGATE website is a bit crap for me because it runs off singularity which means that I can’t check my mails on the browser unless I want to look at something from an old corp, old alliance, and people who are pretty damn carebear-ish, no offence.

Some more good news however is that a mutual agreement has led to a certain someone, (same one that got me the myrmidon, all those moths ago), giving me a rigged megathron! 3 CCC rigs, trouble is that I can’t use large hybrid guns for another week or so as I need to get gunnery V and hybrid turret III. Though I think I can actually fly the BS which is a nice thought.

Even more good news is that I now have 7 million skillpoints! Ah, so nice to think that I make 1 million of them every month. I’m also going to stop training gallente cruiser V once the skill Queue stretches out to a couple of days.

Shoutout goes to Cyberin, blogger from the Hands off, My Loots! blog. When I talked about my computer problems he gave me small tid bits of advice on how skill training works after the account expires. Also a small shoutout to mandrill, told me how to rid the computer of a virus after it was sent to the repairman.


Ah. Now to wait a momth for a skill to train. What?!
March 21, 2010

Well, we may have a problem. The main computer that I use, the only one that hasn’t had issues with eve, seems to have packed it in. When it turned on it put some random desktop shortcuts to innapropriate sites for some reason. And nearly every application has to be started manually instead of double clicking it. AVG seemed to have cleared up the website oroblems but there’s still the double click problem, along with most windows application not working at all.
In actual eve I’m not really doing much. Bret says he’s delivering the myrm and I’ve not had anything to do since empire’s offlimits. My one small vice has been gatecamping with 40 others in ****** and not being able to get a lock before the poor bastards been podded. I decided not to go on another suicidal ratting run in my vexor for obvious reasons and have been sorting out my skills. I’ve trained up some gunnery skills but now I’m ultimately going to train gallente cruiser v! the reason for the choice of a 4 week skill is simple. It could be several days before the computer is sorted out by the repairman, if not replaced, and my eve subscription is due to run out anyday now and it could take me another few days to get that sorted. The result of using a 4 week skill… I have all the time in the world to sort out all my problems.
Like I say with training up some gunnery skills, the only reason I have those is because a corpmate made a last minute run to get me the hybrid turret skillbooks before he came to 0.0. Once I have gallente cruiser v I’ll start training up for T2 hybrid guns as my next goal is to make a thorax setup to kick guristas ass in the belts, the thorax being faster, harder hitting and having a better tank than the vexor. A similar setup can ofcourse be used in PVP roaming gang very effectively.
Then I’d probably move to a deimos for ratting because of better resists, more damage, faster, looking cooler, more room to fit damage mods because I’ll us less resist mods because of natural badass resists to serpentis and guristas.
Then the Astarte because of all the above. Ect

I did it! Wait.. Where’s my ship?!
March 20, 2010

I finally made it up to 0.0, the final frontier, of carebearing!

Anyway, I had an early start and decided to not wait fr someone to guide me through as protection like people said they would, and instead went in head first in my little caldari shuttle. Luckily the alliance’s space is only a matter of jumps away and there’s usually a friendly gatecamp on the way in so it’s not too worrying. Then you go through a jumpbridge and voila! Your in the alliances main base.

Now, to get to the outpost and get the ship i asked to be sent up for me. Aw shit! So I ask around to see if anyone’s seen the guy I gave it to 2 days ago. Then the CEO comes on and I ask him if he can grab it from the corp hangar he says he will but he’s about 20 jumps down in Pashanai because that was the corps old hangout, but now we’ve all been ordered up to 0.0 to get the killboard stats up. In the end I’m still waiting for whoever to deliver my myrmidon so I can do some ratting and feel secure about gankers and officer spawns.

In the absence of my myrmidon, and the consequent banning of going into high-sec because of the current wars we have on, I buy a vexor, some armour hardeners, a repairer, afterburner and some cap boosters, I go into a belt and try to kill 2 battleships and 3 cruisers. In the end it takes me so long to kill the BSs and 1 cruiser with 3 warden sentry drones, that the battleships respawn on me. The actual setup is pretty solid as it can tank that spawn but its too slow to have the repairer working on a burst basis so there re cap issues. Major cap issues as I cant carry enough cap booster 800s. After killing most of the spawn I have to log off and that was pretty much the whole story.

If I had the money I could easily make with my myrmidon if I had it, (yes I’m looking at you!), I could probably afford to lose some ships in PVP combat and get he killboard stats up for Bret, which he will be pleased about so we don’t get kicked from the alliance.


Mental cooldow.. Wait there it goes agajn!
March 18, 2010

The logistics of this move up to null-sec has become less of a brainache, but it’s still hard for me to comprehend basically, I need to send my ship up to osaa, for the carrier to pickup then I need to take myself through null-sec via shuttle or frigate, whatever, to TVN, the seeming homehub of our move. I think technically it’s actually ZaOL but I couldn’t get that to search on the ingame map, so I tried the next system on list. Then I install a JC at these stations and head down to jita to JC back up to get a clone there too. Then I head down a final time to bring someships to the carrier/jumpfreighter pickup point to get them to ME space. I send a request on the forums for some ships and modules and pay over the odds.
The reason I now know all these logistics is because a very good corpmate setup a very comprehensive guide on what’s happening. So thanks to Zaslow! (It was you who did it yeah?)
I’ve also now setup a plan on what to do when I get to 0.0. First off, rat in belts. Rat my fucking ass off until I’ve made a few quid. In the meantime I try and get on a few killmails by going on Corp PVP roaming ops and try to get the Corp looking good on the killboard so we get accepted to full membership. Until then we aren’t allowed to scan or do anything but belt rats and belt mining.
I’m bringing up the passive myrmidon to 0.0 so I can rat using its massive passive tank to take on all comers. Regretably in the process of bringing it up I came upon the idea of self destructing it to get the insurance then buying again in 0.0. Then it occurred to me; 1) stuff is more expensive in 0.0 & 2) the ship is rigged and it will just be pain jumping around 0.0 getting expensive items.
So I’d already sold the LSE IIs so, back diwn to jita! Get them back, while I’m here let’s buy some sentry drones and immorph psychology so I can actually JC when I get there!
The current stage i’m at is that I’m in the last highsec before I go in and my myrm is in the Corp hangar.
We also now have proper access to the ME forums. So if anyone wants some info on ME operations I’m the man to talk to. Anyone from ME, I’m joking. Really though, prices if information can be negotiated ingame.

I forgot to mention. A few days ago I was contacted zorro entertainment software. They wanted me to read through one of their guides. So far it looks good but I noticed a couple of tiny little errors in it I think. It talks about something I don’t specialise in but I think some of the figures are different to what know. I still need to finish reading it though.

Ugn!! Mental meltdown!
March 17, 2010

Eek! This is too much for me. We are now officially part of majesta empire, (well the info’s hardly sensitive as now you can look at the Corp details), and we’ve all been told to move north up to their space. This will be my first experience of 0.0 space,aside from WHs, ever so it’s a scary thought.
If I’m honest I thought I’d move to 0.0 in a few months when I have battleship 4 or something and even then it’d be providence just as a privateer taking advantage of the NRDS policy they have. Now I’m suddenly being thrown into null-sec PVP as we are currently only on trail. At the moment the Corp all need to move into ME space and begin to rack up kills on the killboard to make ourselves look good for the next month, the length of our trail period, so we will be accepted as full members and can plant our own I-Hub. I think bret was talking about getting the upgrades which give bonuses to ratting and stuff so we can make nice money there.
Like I say though, this is all very confusing. We suddenly have about 5 different intel channels to join, ME forums,ect ect. The Corp is supposed to be shifting stuff from high-sec to our base for us but I’m still waiting on where we’re supposed to this.
In the brightside though, I’ve finally got TS working without the strange echoing noise I always got in the past. The Corp vent channel still eludes me but it may become redundant with the TS servers used by ME, though we’re still waiting on getting an official channel for our Corp.
On the even more brightside. It’s only 2jumps through low-sec until u get to majesta space from high-sec. The bad part of that is that I had to travel 40 jumps from dodixie, (I’ve still got 35 to go!), in a battlecruiser while picking up and selling my old missioning crap from months ago in level 2s. I made about 10 mill through selling various melted down ships and T2 shield and armour modules I probably won’t use.
I’ve started training towards my sentry drones aswell so they will cone in handy later. Though if I’m honest they were for the WHs. But hey! It’s 0.0, here’s bound to be some WHs! If not, I’m only a couple of jumps from empire.