More PI
July 1, 2010

Well. I keep blogging about my planetary exploits. In comparison to most I’m probably just a bit of a rookie, but I’m now really getting proud of my creations.

At the start of today’s eve hour. Literally I managed to squeeze in an hour of eve before I had to stop. I did a little ratting in EUU to get the funds a little higher, because straight from the start, I had an idea in mind. I already said that I couldn’t find command centres of sufficient level for me. It would have been better to say there were none in a range I could be bothered to go to. So I decided to do 6 jumps to grab an improved command centre, not just the standard version. The only one that was useful to me was a temperate command centre. The rest were useless as they were planet types not in EUU. Only problem was that when I went to go buy it, stupid SOLAR FLEET came to ruin my day. I waited for a good 10 mins while they cleared out before I could leave.

It was a really nice flight I flew throu… Wait. You don’t give a shit about that bit do you.

I got back with the new command centre and put it on the temperate planet and got checking what to extract. I setup all the extractors and routed them all to the right processor, but here’s the beautiful bit. I’ve now got a one planet P3 chain of industrial explosives! Shame I don’t know what they’re worth, but it can’t be too shabby once you get them to high sec. I may start doing P4 production though if I setup another planet to help it out

That’s really all I have blog, I’m just pretty proud of my P3 chain.



Ah. Quick training
June 29, 2010

So what did you spend your free 100000 so on? I out them all over. Most went into planetary interaction. I now have interplanetary consolidation 3 meaning I can use 4 planets concurrently, and command centre upgrades 3 meaning I can use improved command centres. Shame they don’t seem to be sold where I am.
So I’ve been forced to use a standard PCC to do my new operation on a barren planet. Despite being barren the planet seemed to have quite a lot of some pretty cool resources. So much so that this planet is engaging in P2 production. I’m pretty proud of myself for managing to get all the resources sorted out for P2. I could have a better colony except for the fact that my PCC doesn’t have the power to run what id like.

And the new primae. Has not been tried out yet because you can’t redeem in player outposts, only NPC stations. So I got tovoni to get it in jita. I’ll contract it back later. From what I’ve read it’s a good looking ship but after that it’s just like a crap industrial hauler.

Some of the skill points I mentioned earlier went into drones aswell to get heavy drones 3 and the rest went to industry to cut a few hours off.

I would probably be making more money by creating massive colonies on more planets except for the fact that it costs so damn much. I have 10 mill. Barely enough to start another colony considering PCC costs and then the taxes for building stuff. Nonetheless. I can see PI becoming quite profitable for me once I’ve got the hang of it and start making P3 and P4 products. Even POS modules.