We made it…
June 27, 2010

To flying the Ishtar!!!

Yes, that landmark. I have bought and flown the prestigious gallente cruiser. So what’s my first impressions? It puts the bloody hurt on don’t it. 5 berserkers (yes I trained heavy drones to celebrate) really smash through those angel saints. Of course after I bought it I went straight to the ratting and went to a system that was pretty much empty, first belt, triple throne spawn, the 1.5 mill rats, and I sliced straight through them. And as I orbited them I noticed something. I was using 1 rep when my old myrm would be using two.
It does have one minor flaw. Even against tiny spawn of battlecruisers you have to keep moving. I’m not using the uber sit still shield tank that I had originally planned on. This is 2 reps, 2 EANM, and explosive hardener plus AB tank. So the speed and small sig radius is key.

Of course to buy this I had to raise some funds. Even after a couple hours ratting I’m still left with 10 mill at the end of the day. And I ripped the fitting from the myrm so there’s no cost there.
I started early in the day in the trusty old myrmidon and slowly pressed through EUU making a fair bit of isk. Then near the end of this session I got a faction spawn. It wasn’t great, only a cruiser, but it certainly wasn’t bad. The bounty and salvage was negligible compared the loot. I got a low-grade halo alpha for my troubles. In jita, this goes on contract for about 20 mill. That made my day it did.
After this brief moment of joy one of my new corpmates offered to run sanctums with me in his Thanatos. Knowing the kind of money you can make in those sites leapt at the chance and joined him and another flying a drake. We had some fun killing the rats and making isk At the end of the site we all kind of split up and I logged off untill after lunch to buy the Ishtar having made 25 mill that morning.

And I’m finally getting the hang of this planetary interaction stuff. Still hanging out on the same gas giant extracting the noble gases, but now I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve upgraded to a limited command centre and I’ve added alot more extractors, storage facilities, and even some processors. I’m processing oxygen from my extractors and I think this could get profitable once I’ve upgraded to decent command centres and got the hang of processors.

Industry is finally on the training queue and I can’t wait to get it to V. I’ve got it all planned out. Even though ratting does make me faster money. Industry doesn’t require that much effort. Apart from the mining bit. But that bits still hardly taxing.

Overall it’s been a very productive and fun day for me. Apart from the fact I’m now down to 10 mill.



Who to blame…
June 24, 2010

…for the great downtime of 2010. I say the Russians. Why? Well we had a Russian in our home system asking to get his stuff out. I don’t know what happened to the guy cos I left before he left, but we had fun with google translator and blind guessed about his love of cock. At least that what I thought he said.
Yeah I don’t hate Russians. One of the nicest eve players I ever knew was Russian.

Now unfortunately I had a skill that finished during downtime so I lost about 8 hours of training time. But I think this may be made up for the fact CCP is giving all capsuleers a free gift of skillpoints to use as they see fit. Or I think that’s the gist of the announcement. Where will I use it? I suppose you’d think the obvious. What have I been training lately? Guns. But depending on how big the gift is. I may use them for industry.

Yes. Industry. Something I haven’t dabbled in in a long time. The procurement, refining, manufacture and possible use or selling of resources and commodities. Why do it now you ask. You’ve been combat oriented for so long. Well the simple answer is money.

At my current rate I can make about 9 million isk an hour if I really push it in my myrm. But a recent blog by the mittani, sins of a solar spymaster blog, set me thinking. He made good points on the effort to isk reward. Yes a missioner in his fancy CNR can make 40 million isk an hour or so if he pushes it. But how much effort goes in. He constantly retargets, shoots, salvages so much constant effort. Whereas the domi pilot uses drones, takes abut longer, but ultimately just has to tank a full room consistently while he watches a movie with eve in the background. He uses the miner as an example too. The veldspar hulk pilot. Scooping ore every 3 minutes whereas the ice miner only does it every 10. It’s all about effort here.

With manufacturing, you spend abut of time mining the minerals, or buy them if your feeling flush, and set up your blueprint to go overnight while you sleep. Where’s the effort. And the moneys good. I said I make about 9 mill an hour if I push it. Well I can’t be arsed pushing it. I’ll be lucky if I spend an hour ratting every couple of days. Even if I just manufactured ammo I’d make more money per week just because it’s all automated here. I set up a queue, wait a few days. Boom. Pretty instant money.

Eve seems to trying to force me into industry too. This new ORE ship coming. Well I don’t have a clue how it’s used or what it does. But if it’s there for industry, use it.

And I now can finally use T2 guns. I’ve reached the point of t2 fittings. U2 ship with T2 guns with T2 armour and T2 damage mods and T2 drones… You get the point.

I’m proud of myself


Good things come to those who wait..
May 22, 2010

And you’ve waited a very long time.
That’s right I’m finally back, at least for today, with the story of tomovoni and his travels.

Now I’ll be honest, the main reason I’ve not blogged is the fact I’ve not been on. But contrary to common belief,the world of eve does not come to a stand-still when I leave. Shocking I know.

There’s so much news though that I’m probably gonna forget to report of it. The first bit of news to come to my mind however is that the myrmidons fimally come! That beautiful machine has come to bless us with it’s owenage even though I find an armour tank better because it’s faster and has no cap issues. Along with that delivery came the implants I purchased cheap in high sec so I don’t lose too much money if I get popped.

The next thing I can think of is weapon upgrades V! Now I can use the T2 Magstabs I’ve been salivating over, mainly because our Market is nearly completely seeded with T2 stuff when it comes to the gallente. All the guns are T2, most drones, most armour mods. I don’t resent this per se but it’s a bummer that I’ll have to get T2 guns just to fly an ishkur.
After I’ve finished spaceship command V I’ll be in my Ishtar. But I’ll be in Belgium camping for over a week so I’ll just put assault ships V on for 3 weeks just because it’s long and useful, especially considering the next bit of info.

We have been sorted into PVP squads. This basically means we’re going for getting our name on the killboards. And the best part, I may well be selected for being a squad leader. This is not certain though but there is a fairchance. Why’s this related to assault ships? Well, if I am selected for leading the poor sods into battle I’ll probably be doing a frigate wolfgang, no bombers though, I don’t like bombers.
Another feature of my leadership will be forcing my subordinates to sign a document deasribing how, as far as they are concerned, I AM GOD! and they will do everything I tell them.

The next news I can think of is the failed PVP op today. To cut a long and tortuous story short, I waited an hour for the fleet to do something, then they told us to switch to TS3 which I couldn’t be bothered downloading, then they said go back on vent after I left.

After this I had a bit more fun after a guy created a ratting fleet. Me and a couple of others joined and decided to do a sanctum site, we made about 7 mill doing this before I had to leave but it was pretty cool watching battleships die in less than a minute.

And tyrannis has been delayed! If it gets rid of the lag issues in big fleets, I don’t care if they delay it another month.

And that is all the news I can think of for now.


Mmm. Tasty trailer
May 5, 2010

Ah yes, the new tyrannis trailer has come. Something that isn’t just some short videos of freighters omniously flying towards a planet, GET ON WITH IT!! I scream at the old trailer. This new one seems to be part emperian age trailer with the massive battle scene, and part dominion/butterfly effect trailer with the suggestion of acorns to oak trees and the constant stream of WIN!

And the CSM. if I’m honest I didn’t even know the voting was on again so I’ll have to get around to voting for the right man.

But in eve a sobering event has happened. I’m back in good old 0.0. The home of the rich bastards with faction ships.
I moved there with a tiny little shuttle, but I didn’t brave the gayecamps alone. I had help, I’m terribly sorry though I can’t remember the guys name, he was in green alliance though so I suppose I’ll just shout you allk out. Anyway, while I was still in highsec travelling, I noticed this guy following me through every system, so I convo this guy, ask him if he’s going to 0.0 too. Turns out he was. So I suggest we fleet up and move as a team. He valiently said he’d be scout for me. And so we move out into the great wildlands. Luckily I timed this so perfectly that there was only a few thousand people in game because it was literally just after downtime. We did however find one gatecamp. A few ships on a gate, he lost a shuttle while I played around with the stiletto jumping back and forth at the gate. I eventually get through unscathed and proceed to insmother and Reckoning. space.

In my eagerness and impatience I simply buy a myrm off the Market and not wait for my myrm to be delivered. (Thank god for that, bret and zaslow are still having trouble moving ships.) And set it up in a fairly cheapish armour tank setup that’s stable with two reps and will tank any belt spawn. Most of them but the multiple battleship spawns with one repper too.

Also after experimenting for an hour or so with sentries I find that just using Hammerhead IIs is the fastest way to rat the angels.

The trouble I have though is that I’m now down to 100 mill or so. In 0.0 everything is pretty damn expensive. I mean eveything, ships modules, guns in particular are in short supply. Costing over a mill for even just meta 1 or 2 things. And ofcourse this is compounded by the fact that angels use projectiles and missles, not hybrids. Another major pricey item are implants, for the most part only +3s are seeded and they have a pricetag of 16 mill. I had to get 2 just to train assault ships in a reasonable time then I have weapon upgrades 5 before I get to heavy assault ships. But I have done it. I have finally managed to reach assault ships, a target I’ve had for months, it has finally happened. WOOOT!

But of course. 0.0 means being in constant conflict with evil forces, and of all the evils there are none worth than that of the Russians, (SOLAR FLEET and xXDEATHXx are Russian yeah?), which send in a few people a day to piss us off. But we got our own back when we destroyed 2 redeemer black ops ships. I’ll be honest though, the alliance killboard is all but stunning.

I think that just about wraps up what I have to say about the last few days, did I ever mention we have an awesome Corp logo by a comicbook artist, cool guy.


Ready to move, move it!
April 30, 2010

Well first off I’ll apologise. I said last post that we were moving to somewhere but no, we’re really going to insmother. The rest of the info is true.

But yes I’ve got the myrm setup at RENs. And because of the fact that it’s just a ship I can’t be bothered to fly to RENs, or fly well for that matter, I’ve just sold it along with the rigs to raise the wallet to the alltime high of 220 million. It’s a good thing.so now all that needs to happen is that I go get a jumpclone installed in the rorqual and jumpclone to the new home. Or I can suicide clone but I don’t seem to me able to find any station on the list that’s in insmother.

I’ve also almost completed engineering V. And if I didn’t tell you I’ve also got mechanic V. Now I’m getting repair systems V. Once I’ve got the right implants in I’ll get onto weapon upgrades, and then I’ll be kicking ass in my Ishtar!!!!


This blogging lark
April 28, 2010

Am I anygood at this blogging thing? I seem to posting once a week at this rate and it’s not like the stories I have are massive epics like some blogs.

But moving on from the self pitying stuff. God it’s been a while since I’ve shared my stories. Wormholes, mission, 0.0. It’s a long story.

And I’m gonna tell you pretty much all of it!

So I think I’ve told you how I did one level 3 mission and became horribly bored by it. Then the next day I found a class 2 WH. Naturally I went in, checked it out and ran some sites. In my trusty old myrmidon I went off and tried to kickass. I did the site ‘reminants of *something* cohort 27. When I came out after god knows how long of trying to kill the bastard sleeper battleships, I came out with something in the region of 35 mill. Pretty good. The thing is alot of this comes from the initial spawn. Over half I think. The five frigs give you 15 mill in nanoribbons, (I checked it, I did the initial spawn again and got 3 ribbons again), and then another few mill through the battleship blue tax.

Why did it take so long? Well I forgot to use sentry drones like I said I would last time I blogged about the matter and used warrior Is. If I get the chance again, I’m using the damn sentries. Why? Well incase you haven’t been following me that long it’s because there’s no travel time. As long as you sit still, and my myrm has the tank to do so, if your drones are primaried, they can be retracted instantly. They also have sufficient buffertank not to instapop.

But the more interesting news is that we’re going to 0.0 again. We’ve joined reckoning. (not the ‘.’), alliance. As far as I know it’s an industrial corp deep into 0.0. How deep? Well 3 JF jumps if I’m right. Scalding pass rings a bell but I’m really not sure. All I know is that we have 5 systems all for industry and ratting activities. We have PVP but that’s circumstantial to being in 0.0.

As ever, my plan is get in my myrm and rat my face off until I’m bored then go fail at PVP and rage quit for a week after getting called primary! It’s a great life!

Really though. If we get the chance I might join the WH colonisation. If we don’t start that again then I’ll just try to find the odd class 2 or 3 and solo it.

Of course I’ll indulge you all in my plan for skills. Basically, train for Ishtar. Use it. Make money. Rage quit when I lose it. I might wait until after tyrannis to get my Ishtar so I get the new insurance bonuses given to t2 ships. Hopefully the angels will be kind and give me easy money. Apparently the systems got lots of military upgrades though for complexes so all should be good.


Back to empire
April 23, 2010

And back to empire for me. We have left majesta after our trail ran out. As far as I know we were the ones who left and weren’t kicked, but I’ve been absent for the past week so I dint really know.

So it’s back to missioning with me. We’ve moved over to amarr space, though I’ve stayed at isekesu because I’ve got much better standing with the caldari navy so it’s easier for me. I’m also only 4 jumps from jita. I managed to run one mission before I had to come off and it was but nostalgic. It was boring as hell!!!

However, in the runup to getting to re mission I had to sell my stuff I left at tvn. So I jumpclone back up there and sell all my stuff, apart from a myrm I had whick was insured for 40 mill but the selling price was less than 30.
So I undock and bargain on a suicide clone back down to mastakomon. Te funny part in that was that I undocked alongside a rorqual. And that roroqual had a scramblers. And ogre IIs. You see where Im going with this. I get podded in about 1 min and I’m back to the safety of highsec, with no wardecs!!

And in other good news, gallente cruiser V!!!! The month of training is over. Now for a dew more weeks of training and I’m in a Ishtar.
And I now also have 8 million SP.

I think I might restart my WH ops again to make a bit more money than missions, bur I’d still say a level 4 is more profitable than soloing class 2 or 3 WHs.

Spark me
April 17, 2010

I need an idea. Something I can just search constantly and never get bored of. Anyone any ideas.
On the bright side apart from the internet being void of info, I have 4 days until gallente cruiser V finishes. Woop!!

Blogging to the masses
April 2, 2010

It was only last night I last blogged which is a bit early, but the idea for this blog came to me and I didn’t want to forget.

It was not long ago that my blog was dedicated to simply getting daily hits, I’d advertise in ingame channels, blog daily to appear on eve bloggers front page, ( they contribute a lot to the blogs popularity with rss feeds and such. But the whole blog was dedicated to just satisfieing a want for popularity and not concentrating on real stories, it boiled down to, ‘today, I have 5 days left on a skill, I can’t wait to get in a WH, visit this blog dammit.’
I can only imagine it was fucking boring to read.
I won’t deny I don’t still do bits of advertising, I put a link to the blog on my corp forum signature. I put a link in my latest alliance post, but that was relevant to the post.

It may be a obvious plug, but I can’t thank locusts. enough! They reinvigorated this blog, I do pvp operations and not die, I make respectable money from ratting, I have fun! Majesta obviously deserve some credit here but I still would have had fun without them being in a WH.

I don’t really have anymore stories for today apart from one successful op we did that spanned too many systems to name. The main events of it were; 1) killing a POS, 2) smarting at the patheticness of atlas while killing the pos, 3) and chasing after a couple of supercarriers.

The successful POS takedown was one that was reinforced a few days ago on an op I decided not to do. When we came through to the atlas pos we were warned about some stealth bomber gangs that atlas were using. We smarted at the fact they ere reduced to such a cheap tactic when they are such a huge alliance. If they were small and poor it would be acceptable because it’s a good cheap tactic if you can’t afford to field more effective capitals. So we started to takedown the POS and at about half armour, about 10 stealth bombers jumped to the pos but, they got caught in a bubble. Somehow one of hictor/hictor pilots had placed a bubble about 100km from the main fleet, catching the stealth bomber at range, out of range of the bombs. How we laughed as they were killed quickly and efficiently with no damage taken at all from them.

The supercarriers were supposed to be a few jumps away and when we got the call, we abandoned the movement to X-70 and tried to reach them. Someone said that they gas both cynoed in on a tengu in a combat site. This couldn’t be confirmed though because it took so long to get to the system because of gate traffic. We then proceeded to X-70 where we camped a station until I got bored and went home. Ironically, I think the fleet got a few kills after I left.

For all the fighting I was in my trusty ‘target is invunerabl’ sniper thorax. I fitted him a loopy different though by removing a small armour repper for an inertia stabaliser and a cap recharger for another sensor booster.

I also discovered the old passive myrm can tank a guristas haven. The last time I went into one of those I almost died but this time I managed to tank it all solo, though I warped out to join the POS bash fleet. Can someone tell me if it’s good to be able to solo tank a haven. I’m interested because the sanctum always seems to be used by others and we’re banned from that anomaly in some systems. Which is more profitable, sanctum or haven?

So that’s why they do it
April 1, 2010

I think I’m beginning to understand why people do 0.0 pvp. It’s fun to have 80 in TS and 100 people in fleet waiting patiently for the FC occaisonally cracking a good joke and getting hyped about a possible carrier kill.

I started the day late after coming back from Nottingham. I came on did a bit of ratting, but here’s the problem, it’s insanely boring!!!

So I decided to join the gatecamp fleet we have, after jumping around abit as they were jumping around chasing after stuff in the intel channels that were a few jumps from the main base. I should mention I was in a sniper cruiser shooting at around 20k with antimatter ammo. Didn’t have a point disrupted or webber though, instead using a cap recharger and sensor booster. I finally meet up with the fleet at the base and we set straight off to NCGR-Q. We camped around there for a while. If I remember right we almost got some tech 3 kills but only a Loki came through and he managed to escape.
We then came back to the start system camping the fate into low-sec. After getting cloakers in there and several requests for scanners to come in and look for some safespotted ships, we got a call from bret.

All credit to Yorkshire now as he and the FC formulated a master plan. He was trying to get his rorqual out from the lowsec station but it was camped by a zealot, vagabond, maybe a harbinger, and a Thanatos! The plan was that bret would undock his rorqual to get their attention and to check what was happening, then we warp in, tackle and kill. We managed to kill the vagabond and zealot. We almost killed the Thanatos too but we were mainly a gang of 70 BCs and a few battleships, so we somehow lost the tackle and lost him in half armour. The atlas,(could have been gentlemen’z club), carrier should have been ashamed, camping a poor rorqual.

We then went straight back up to a reported carrier tackle in TVN, it didn’t appear to there, we only saw a group of 5 dramiels and a sabre. There was talk of springing the rorqual/station trap again, but if they did do it I didn’t stick around for it.

I think I’ve got my skill que sorted out too. In 19 dys, when gallente cruiser V finishes, I’ll train up large hybrid turrets and CCC rigs so I can use my new BS, still caught up in mastakomon as obe is gatecamp heaven, and I don’t know about the system after that! I’ll continue to train up BS modules and skills useful to to it for up to a month, then revert back to cruiser skills. First weapon upgrades V then propultuion jamming V. see where I’m going here? Yes, I’m going for a heavy interdictor! Phobos to be precise. I have it planned out, 2 reps and lots of hardeners and cap boosters, then armour rigs. Can someone answer me this though, I know when using the bubble the Hic can’t be RRed but can it be RRed with the script loaded? Once I can fly that I’ll move onto hacs, then crosstrain into amarr. Then I’ll continue again into BS skills and probably start using +4 implants, if I dare! And train for T2 guns.