WTF my arse is that a lvl3!!!
November 17, 2009

Well I’m pissed. Last night I signed up for a mission. The agent I use does mission on a 7 mission or so loop so I’d dine all the missions before. This one where you have to destroy a repair station. I knew this one was hard but I couldn’t remember how hard. So I warp in try and destroy the station. Then three 100DPS turrets warp in and about 5 cruisers ad 15 frigates. After 2 minutes I’m forced to warp out. I do this about 3 times getting increasingly annoyed at the mission as it is so hard and it doesn’t even pay well. It’s a testament to the power of the mission that a myrmidon with dual reps can’t tank it for more than 2 mins at a time. Yeah you can say I should have passive tanked it but I don’t have good enough skills. So any way in the 4th or 5th time I do this my tank couldn’t hold for 3 mins as I aligned because they have a webber tower aswell. So anyway I die. Fuck. Oh well I’ve got insurance. I go out in frig to try and grab my loot. Fuck I’m dead again. I have to grab a myrmidon and grab it. By the time I’m out I’m already into armour and I did it as fast as I could.
So yeah I’m pissed because that mission is probably the hardest level 3 in the game and guess who has to get it. Me.
Sorry but I’m annoyed at it because it’s so hard.
So yeah now more tgan ever I need you money. Rememer tovoni or tomovoni are the people to send you
Money to!
Tomovoni now has higher atributes across the board than my main! I may switch to him as a main source of income