All your life. Are belong to me
May 24, 2010

We are the locusts. We will devoure what ever is in our way, be it ships or ore.

That is pretty much a quote of Locusts. motto.

It is official, I am to be one of the 2 lucky people to take a small group of people into battle to do or die. I will lead these men with honour, distinction and the sole purpose to bolster my e-peen. In reality however my peen will shrivel in all likliness as operation after operation appears to have no effect and is a total failure.

Why you ask, would the great tomovoni not be a great curagious FC?? Well for one, I’ve never commanded a fleet, I have little to no experience in small gang pvp, and I have no spine so I’m probably going to abandon my comrades and flee when I don’t like the look of things.

There’s also the fact I won’t be on for the next 2 weeks or longer so my first priority is to make an assistant squad leader to lead all my ops, be successful and let me take all the glory.

I am proud of being a selfish bastard like this.


1armageddon, 1 munnin, 2 brutix, 3 carriers, and a titan
April 5, 2010

You know how I complained that I lost a thorax to chimera. I lied I checked the kill mail and it turns out I had a geddon, munnin, 2 brutix, 3 Thanatos and leviathan killing me. That FC was pretty desperate for a kill!

I tried another pvp op today to defend our entry system from atlas. I got caught in a bubble when everyone else had warped out. I was pissed but I’d insured the brutix in station and the fitting was mostly free. Shame I didn’t Corp insure it but the loss didn’t hurt in any department other than the killboard one.

To try and recoup any major losses I just ratted for the rest of the day.

On the days before that though, some shit went down! I’m now using tovoni as a station trading alt in jita. I gave him 20 mill and he’s staying level I think. He’s not making it big but the trade sems to be making a bit of money. I’ve tried a few items but there’s only Bern one successful one and I think I’ll continue it. The unsuccessful ones include missiles, the prices fluctuates due to time of day, scanner probes, nobody buys them, and caesium. It keeps being outbid. My current item stays stays fairly steady and it has a nice margin. I think I’ll cancel all the other orders and just concentrate on this item. I reckon it could turn pretty proffitable once I trade more of it.

I also suffered a terrible morale blow these past few days. My super tank myrmidon was defeated. I went to a guristas troop reinvigoration camp, (a 6/10 complex), got to the second room and drew full room aggro from 7 BSs, 12 BCs and a small army of frigs and destroyers. The tank slowly died before I warped out. Thankfully some good old corpmates cleared the room so I could grab my stuff and try and rebuild.

This war we’re in is taking it’s toll. The markets here are emptying, things are more expensive and we can’t safely get stuff from empire because IT, COW and ATLAS are camping our exits and jita is probably just a hellhole. We’ve managed to get a few things but it’s a pain to get anything big up.

That fight I mentioned today? Great success. ATLAS was trying to take our system at about 2PM by putting up their SBUs. Then they offline it and reonline it. We were outnumbered so were were trying hit and run sniper HAC raids on them. Like I said I was killed and podded but the reports are that we killed 2 if their SBUs and simply owned the field. As a lot of people are now saying, ‘We’re not just carebears, we can fight back’. And we have, look at what ATLAS, COW and IT have captured. Nothing. They only seem to be able to perma-reinforce a low-sec pos.

I’ve also gotten wise about saving money when I die. Only install implants I’m going to use now. For the past couple of pods I’ve used 3 +3s for intel, memory and percep, no matter what I’m training. Along with +2s in the others. Now it’s just the +3s in perception and willpower because I’ve got that for another 2 weeks along with gunnery and other skills that need this skills.

The final op I was on today was actually a liitle stealth op. A corpmate found a WH straight into delve. I had to leave after a neutral in a dramiel killed my very, very poorly fit incursus but that left a drake and a manticore in delve to wreck havok. How’d you like that IT. right inside your lines ready to kill on sight.


PS. IT we have so much funny propaganda on you. We’ve got Easter present posters and old WWII posters with you clowns photoshopped in.

Blogging to the masses
April 2, 2010

It was only last night I last blogged which is a bit early, but the idea for this blog came to me and I didn’t want to forget.

It was not long ago that my blog was dedicated to simply getting daily hits, I’d advertise in ingame channels, blog daily to appear on eve bloggers front page, ( they contribute a lot to the blogs popularity with rss feeds and such. But the whole blog was dedicated to just satisfieing a want for popularity and not concentrating on real stories, it boiled down to, ‘today, I have 5 days left on a skill, I can’t wait to get in a WH, visit this blog dammit.’
I can only imagine it was fucking boring to read.
I won’t deny I don’t still do bits of advertising, I put a link to the blog on my corp forum signature. I put a link in my latest alliance post, but that was relevant to the post.

It may be a obvious plug, but I can’t thank locusts. enough! They reinvigorated this blog, I do pvp operations and not die, I make respectable money from ratting, I have fun! Majesta obviously deserve some credit here but I still would have had fun without them being in a WH.

I don’t really have anymore stories for today apart from one successful op we did that spanned too many systems to name. The main events of it were; 1) killing a POS, 2) smarting at the patheticness of atlas while killing the pos, 3) and chasing after a couple of supercarriers.

The successful POS takedown was one that was reinforced a few days ago on an op I decided not to do. When we came through to the atlas pos we were warned about some stealth bomber gangs that atlas were using. We smarted at the fact they ere reduced to such a cheap tactic when they are such a huge alliance. If they were small and poor it would be acceptable because it’s a good cheap tactic if you can’t afford to field more effective capitals. So we started to takedown the POS and at about half armour, about 10 stealth bombers jumped to the pos but, they got caught in a bubble. Somehow one of hictor/hictor pilots had placed a bubble about 100km from the main fleet, catching the stealth bomber at range, out of range of the bombs. How we laughed as they were killed quickly and efficiently with no damage taken at all from them.

The supercarriers were supposed to be a few jumps away and when we got the call, we abandoned the movement to X-70 and tried to reach them. Someone said that they gas both cynoed in on a tengu in a combat site. This couldn’t be confirmed though because it took so long to get to the system because of gate traffic. We then proceeded to X-70 where we camped a station until I got bored and went home. Ironically, I think the fleet got a few kills after I left.

For all the fighting I was in my trusty ‘target is invunerabl’ sniper thorax. I fitted him a loopy different though by removing a small armour repper for an inertia stabaliser and a cap recharger for another sensor booster.

I also discovered the old passive myrm can tank a guristas haven. The last time I went into one of those I almost died but this time I managed to tank it all solo, though I warped out to join the POS bash fleet. Can someone tell me if it’s good to be able to solo tank a haven. I’m interested because the sanctum always seems to be used by others and we’re banned from that anomaly in some systems. Which is more profitable, sanctum or haven?

Battleships, lag, and a capital killmail
March 31, 2010

Well I was on a capital killmail. I’ll go into the full story later.

The day started off normal. I did some belt ratting then I started to do some combat sites. I started doing these yesterday as it’s guarenteed rat spawns. They’re not always the best but they steadily get better and they’re always there with no warping between belts to see someone already has the belt cleared. Today though I encouraged a corpmate, (sorry can’t remember who it was), to join me in this so the rats would die faster. So there we were both in myrmidons killing the guristas with hammerhead IIs watching usurpers die in a minute or less. Then he says he fancies joining a fleet taking a pos to reinforced and disabling the guns.

Now we get to the good part we assemble a couple of jumps away from my ratting system so I get there in my ratting myrm. Literally I’d just jumped to the system without even clearing the cargo, that led to a small lol later. So I get to the place, we assembled at a morsus mihi POS with an Erebus setup to bridge us through. After a brief wait we went through and did a few jumps to the target pos in pure blind, X-70. On the way though we warped to station for some reason and a Phoenix undocked. Unable to shield his supprise the FC took a moment to tell us to shoot it. The poor sod in side had obviously just decided not to use his seige module, or not had the fuel to run it, as everyone in TS wa supprised how we killed it in less than a minute. Yes there were about 100 BSs at the time but I’d go as far to say he didn’t even turn on the hardners, never mind the boosters. My lowly myrm also got 1% of the damage done! That ship turned out to be one of the most expensive kills of the week.

We then continue to the target system and dance around a bit looking at the pos, finding it’s got hostiles in it, deciding to go back to have another look at the hostiles. I then have to log out for lunch. When I come back after a few hours, the FC has changed nationality, and the fleet apparently almost got a supercarrier kill but failed. And they tower was put into reinforced I think. The only thing left to do once I got back was to go out and incapacitate the guns. Easy. We go in knock down the top and bottom guns to structure and keep warping around every planet in the system in the meantime.
Unfortunately I’ve forgotten the FCs name too so I can’t shout him out either, but he was good. The KB ratio was something in the region of, billions of stuff killed, 101mill lost, for us. Take that SirMolle.

Appently the enemy did so shit because Molle logged out midfight leaving the enemy fleet without leadership.
Another reason the FC was good was because he waited for everyone to come through the gates on the wayhome.

I’ve given tovoni another shot at life using him as a trade alt in Rens. I’ve given him 20 mill to start and I’m going with some old products that worked in amarr and a new product completely. If he doesn’t make me ****loads I’m gonna make him pod himself.

Remember me moaning about my old myrmidon not being delivered. Well, what can I say. About fucking time! Maybe? Yorkshire pulled through? Nah. I’ll go with the former. As a little recompence for the wait though my legendary CEO gave me 50 mill for the hastle. And the good news continued from there. You know I thought the 85 mill I was given was from the person going to buy me a megathron? Well I just got given a megathron with rigs at the set destination. Booyah. So I think the 85 mill may have just come from a fan! Or the guy was just being very generous. Now, all I need is large hybrid turrets!

And I’m back!
March 25, 2010

Ah yes after a brief absence due to technical difficulties, I have great, well ok, news and bad news. The good news is that I have a new myrmidon to go rat in after Sew lent me the money to get it. The bad part of that news is that someone, still hasn’t delivered my old myrmidon that  I had fitted out just how I like it. The ship is also 14 jumps from the main hub of operations, (though I think we may be moving base, I’m just not sure), and a battlecruiser is very slow to align, though I suppose their might be some inertia stabilisers in the station I’m currently at.

Another bit of bad news is that the wormhole operations led by the corp have completely shut down. Shame really as I wanted to join them once we were allowed abit more freedom in 0.0

Oh yay, another bit of bad news, the new EVEGATE website is a bit crap for me because it runs off singularity which means that I can’t check my mails on the browser unless I want to look at something from an old corp, old alliance, and people who are pretty damn carebear-ish, no offence.

Some more good news however is that a mutual agreement has led to a certain someone, (same one that got me the myrmidon, all those moths ago), giving me a rigged megathron! 3 CCC rigs, trouble is that I can’t use large hybrid guns for another week or so as I need to get gunnery V and hybrid turret III. Though I think I can actually fly the BS which is a nice thought.

Even more good news is that I now have 7 million skillpoints! Ah, so nice to think that I make 1 million of them every month. I’m also going to stop training gallente cruiser V once the skill Queue stretches out to a couple of days.

Shoutout goes to Cyberin, blogger from the Hands off, My Loots! blog. When I talked about my computer problems he gave me small tid bits of advice on how skill training works after the account expires. Also a small shoutout to mandrill, told me how to rid the computer of a virus after it was sent to the repairman.


I did it! Wait.. Where’s my ship?!
March 20, 2010

I finally made it up to 0.0, the final frontier, of carebearing!

Anyway, I had an early start and decided to not wait fr someone to guide me through as protection like people said they would, and instead went in head first in my little caldari shuttle. Luckily the alliance’s space is only a matter of jumps away and there’s usually a friendly gatecamp on the way in so it’s not too worrying. Then you go through a jumpbridge and voila! Your in the alliances main base.

Now, to get to the outpost and get the ship i asked to be sent up for me. Aw shit! So I ask around to see if anyone’s seen the guy I gave it to 2 days ago. Then the CEO comes on and I ask him if he can grab it from the corp hangar he says he will but he’s about 20 jumps down in Pashanai because that was the corps old hangout, but now we’ve all been ordered up to 0.0 to get the killboard stats up. In the end I’m still waiting for whoever to deliver my myrmidon so I can do some ratting and feel secure about gankers and officer spawns.

In the absence of my myrmidon, and the consequent banning of going into high-sec because of the current wars we have on, I buy a vexor, some armour hardeners, a repairer, afterburner and some cap boosters, I go into a belt and try to kill 2 battleships and 3 cruisers. In the end it takes me so long to kill the BSs and 1 cruiser with 3 warden sentry drones, that the battleships respawn on me. The actual setup is pretty solid as it can tank that spawn but its too slow to have the repairer working on a burst basis so there re cap issues. Major cap issues as I cant carry enough cap booster 800s. After killing most of the spawn I have to log off and that was pretty much the whole story.

If I had the money I could easily make with my myrmidon if I had it, (yes I’m looking at you!), I could probably afford to lose some ships in PVP combat and get he killboard stats up for Bret, which he will be pleased about so we don’t get kicked from the alliance.


Ugn!! Mental meltdown!
March 17, 2010

Eek! This is too much for me. We are now officially part of majesta empire, (well the info’s hardly sensitive as now you can look at the Corp details), and we’ve all been told to move north up to their space. This will be my first experience of 0.0 space,aside from WHs, ever so it’s a scary thought.
If I’m honest I thought I’d move to 0.0 in a few months when I have battleship 4 or something and even then it’d be providence just as a privateer taking advantage of the NRDS policy they have. Now I’m suddenly being thrown into null-sec PVP as we are currently only on trail. At the moment the Corp all need to move into ME space and begin to rack up kills on the killboard to make ourselves look good for the next month, the length of our trail period, so we will be accepted as full members and can plant our own I-Hub. I think bret was talking about getting the upgrades which give bonuses to ratting and stuff so we can make nice money there.
Like I say though, this is all very confusing. We suddenly have about 5 different intel channels to join, ME forums,ect ect. The Corp is supposed to be shifting stuff from high-sec to our base for us but I’m still waiting on where we’re supposed to this.
In the brightside though, I’ve finally got TS working without the strange echoing noise I always got in the past. The Corp vent channel still eludes me but it may become redundant with the TS servers used by ME, though we’re still waiting on getting an official channel for our Corp.
On the even more brightside. It’s only 2jumps through low-sec until u get to majesta space from high-sec. The bad part of that is that I had to travel 40 jumps from dodixie, (I’ve still got 35 to go!), in a battlecruiser while picking up and selling my old missioning crap from months ago in level 2s. I made about 10 mill through selling various melted down ships and T2 shield and armour modules I probably won’t use.
I’ve started training towards my sentry drones aswell so they will cone in handy later. Though if I’m honest they were for the WHs. But hey! It’s 0.0, here’s bound to be some WHs! If not, I’m only a couple of jumps from empire.

The end of an era
January 2, 2010

Well it may well be the end of a prostigious and proud era of blogging. For me anyway. I’m not Tain but I think I may have finally had a day with noone viewing the blog. I’ll admit it’s probably my fault as I haven’t blogged in days meaning I haven’t shown up on the rss feed. But nontheless. I’m still horrified and disgusted by each and everyone of my regular readers for not keeping that count up. (If it turns out I had traffic. I take that back. Your all swell guys)

But for actual news, I’m still trying to scrape an existance in eve by trading on the side while running complexes in my lowly arbitrator. This however has become much less safe as recently, my Corp was wardecced by a small 2 man Corp with a member with some obvious PVP experience named, Kahnne. This bastard also pod kills. Kahnne, if for some coincidence you read this. I meant that! So far him and his T2 drone and neuting dominix has taken the life of Uldamar’s dominix and someone else’s megathron plus their pod.
Last night we were supposed to do a large mining op somewhere around Korama but it was semi-called off because this guy was online and kicking aroud our area so we thought it risky to do it. We did have a few people willing to act as protection against him (me included, I was going to be a tackler) but we didn’t have enough battleships to take him out. We then discussed doing a hunting op to take him out. Trouble was I couldn’t get to my ship as jita had been locked down, so I had to go to sobaseki and pickup ragtag gear to fit together a punisher suitable for a gang. To annoy me further, we all tried to get on evevoice to talk but sod’s law dictated I would be tortured by everyone but me having a working talk button. So I’m sat here listening to everyone get to know each other and I’m pressing every talk button i can select in the options in futile desperation for it to work.
Then it turns out he had logged off just after I’d finally got the pieces together for my punisher. “mining op?” calls squad leader, Pesky
Tonight there’s supposed to be a PVP op going on and godhelp my keyboard manufacturer if it doesn’t work.