Who to blame…
June 24, 2010

…for the great downtime of 2010. I say the Russians. Why? Well we had a Russian in our home system asking to get his stuff out. I don’t know what happened to the guy cos I left before he left, but we had fun with google translator and blind guessed about his love of cock. At least that what I thought he said.
Yeah I don’t hate Russians. One of the nicest eve players I ever knew was Russian.

Now unfortunately I had a skill that finished during downtime so I lost about 8 hours of training time. But I think this may be made up for the fact CCP is giving all capsuleers a free gift of skillpoints to use as they see fit. Or I think that’s the gist of the announcement. Where will I use it? I suppose you’d think the obvious. What have I been training lately? Guns. But depending on how big the gift is. I may use them for industry.

Yes. Industry. Something I haven’t dabbled in in a long time. The procurement, refining, manufacture and possible use or selling of resources and commodities. Why do it now you ask. You’ve been combat oriented for so long. Well the simple answer is money.

At my current rate I can make about 9 million isk an hour if I really push it in my myrm. But a recent blog by the mittani, sins of a solar spymaster blog, set me thinking. He made good points on the effort to isk reward. Yes a missioner in his fancy CNR can make 40 million isk an hour or so if he pushes it. But how much effort goes in. He constantly retargets, shoots, salvages so much constant effort. Whereas the domi pilot uses drones, takes abut longer, but ultimately just has to tank a full room consistently while he watches a movie with eve in the background. He uses the miner as an example too. The veldspar hulk pilot. Scooping ore every 3 minutes whereas the ice miner only does it every 10. It’s all about effort here.

With manufacturing, you spend abut of time mining the minerals, or buy them if your feeling flush, and set up your blueprint to go overnight while you sleep. Where’s the effort. And the moneys good. I said I make about 9 mill an hour if I push it. Well I can’t be arsed pushing it. I’ll be lucky if I spend an hour ratting every couple of days. Even if I just manufactured ammo I’d make more money per week just because it’s all automated here. I set up a queue, wait a few days. Boom. Pretty instant money.

Eve seems to trying to force me into industry too. This new ORE ship coming. Well I don’t have a clue how it’s used or what it does. But if it’s there for industry, use it.

And I now can finally use T2 guns. I’ve reached the point of t2 fittings. U2 ship with T2 guns with T2 armour and T2 damage mods and T2 drones… You get the point.

I’m proud of myself