Ah. Month of training wasted.
September 12, 2010

And about 40 mill too.
I love failed get rich quick schemes.
Remember tobovoni from my last blog. No don’t worry he’s not dead or anything, I just can’t be arsed using him. He’s been sitting around idly for about a month, I’ve had countless chances to move him to 0.0 but to be honest I can’t be arsed with the effort. And now that the new school year has started, I won’t really have time to do it. So that’s a month of training tobovoni wasted.

I’ll continue to do my part for the corps PI but at a severely stemmed rate of doing 23 hour cycles instead of 5 hour ones.

So that means that my billion a month is down the shitter, but let’s look on the bright side eh? I have a character that’s more than capable of ratting a billion a month with a little effort. Or I could run missions, but that does piss off the empire factions. Or I could be stupider than I was when I thought I could make a billion a month, I could send a character back to trading!

And that option is very tempting, I’m in a trading mood at the moment and I’ve worked out why my trade with moon minerals wasn’t working.
But I have to call upon the great bloggers and writers if eve to create a guide to trading that is worth while and free. I’m tired of reading the same one that starts with some guy talking to a woman. I’m sick of hearing about the eve billionaire book. I’m pissed off when my corpmate tells me he makes his money station trading. Give the noobs and us people who’ve been playing for nearly a year but make bad financial choices and skill choices a definitive, comprehensive guide to trading in all it’s common forms. And before you tell me no wise trader ever gives away his secrets, and people like me make them rich, fuck you. I’m irate every time I see my wallet crash when I buy a battleship, or a HAC.

Over the past weeks since I last blogged, nothing much has happened. I’ve still not managed to get into a PVP gang. But the PVE has been pretty nice. The other day we killed an officer. We got a nice bit of loot, I got a 60 mill cut from this and for the first time ever. I now have over 500 million ISK in my wallet! BOOYAH. Now watch me lose it in poker or somin. I’ll get to that later.
Then the other day I got a true sansha cruiser. That was far less lucrative, but it did give us a nice TS stasis web and a phantasm BPC. I’m waiting for that to be built and sold but the overall profits for the entire kill should be about 60 mill. Then add another 10 mill for a TS EM armour hardener u got and sold today to the same fool who has been trying to sell a station egg.

Like I was saying. Poker. That is also another tempting way to make money. I tried it over the Summer. At one point I broke even then I lost 10 mill in a couple of hands and haven’t gone back for a month. I know it’s very unlikely I’ll ever make a decent amount of money from it but you hear those legendary stories of people making billions in mere hours and you can’t help but be drawn into the hysteria surrounding it.
For those unknowing, you can play safe eve poker with EOH Poker.

And I think that has exhausted this past few weeks info my friends. Leaving only the inevitable skill checkup. Well all that’s happened is that I have analytical mind 5, learning 5, energy systems operation 5, and have energy management 5 8 days from completion.



No spending = smaller wallet. Wait…. WHAT?!?!
January 17, 2010

Well (do I start every blog like this?) I’m slowly becoming broke. I’m barely spending any money and I still lose it. I’m still a poor sod with 30 mill in the coffers missioning his balls off to lose all the money on buying a shuttle, or new t2 drone. And then I have to sit back and watch corpmates who started a month ago make up to 100 mill a day!
The wormhole op I was supposed to be doing seems to have gone underground, as I’ve not had a mail from the leader in a week and noones said anything about it. I’m still being forced to grind level 2s in an arbitrator and wait until Monday to simply have gallente frigate V. And then it’s another week until I can fly anything t2. Once I have frig V though I’ll train for a myrmidon for level 3s on a passive tank.
On the nicer side of life I recently just managed to get some epic stangings boost with a storyline missions as I can now use +11 agents instead of my old -16 one.
The other day I also wasted about 4 mill by trying to manufacture on tovoni because he has industry V. I then realised that the minerals costs were more expensive than the selling prices. But like an idiot I bought them first, checked later. So to try and cut off those prices starduste kindly did the job for me and gave me the remaining minerals back to sell. But I haven’t seen him lately so I haven’t got the vexor, or the bpc back!
Anyway, like I say, I’m once again broke and making crap money.
Tomovoni, and tovoni I suppose now he’s out of hibernation. Glad I kept him now!

Also. Probs, (props? Whichever) to the people who visit my blog everyday regardless of there being new posts. You keep the moral up here at.. At.. Um carebear headquarters, nah it can’t be that, to few tears.

The end of an era
January 2, 2010

Well it may well be the end of a prostigious and proud era of blogging. For me anyway. I’m not Tain but I think I may have finally had a day with noone viewing the blog. I’ll admit it’s probably my fault as I haven’t blogged in days meaning I haven’t shown up on the evebloggers.com rss feed. But nontheless. I’m still horrified and disgusted by each and everyone of my regular readers for not keeping that count up. (If it turns out I had traffic. I take that back. Your all swell guys)

But for actual news, I’m still trying to scrape an existance in eve by trading on the side while running complexes in my lowly arbitrator. This however has become much less safe as recently, my Corp was wardecced by a small 2 man Corp with a member with some obvious PVP experience named, Kahnne. This bastard also pod kills. Kahnne, if for some coincidence you read this. I meant that! So far him and his T2 drone and neuting dominix has taken the life of Uldamar’s dominix and someone else’s megathron plus their pod.
Last night we were supposed to do a large mining op somewhere around Korama but it was semi-called off because this guy was online and kicking aroud our area so we thought it risky to do it. We did have a few people willing to act as protection against him (me included, I was going to be a tackler) but we didn’t have enough battleships to take him out. We then discussed doing a hunting op to take him out. Trouble was I couldn’t get to my ship as jita had been locked down, so I had to go to sobaseki and pickup ragtag gear to fit together a punisher suitable for a gang. To annoy me further, we all tried to get on evevoice to talk but sod’s law dictated I would be tortured by everyone but me having a working talk button. So I’m sat here listening to everyone get to know each other and I’m pressing every talk button i can select in the options in futile desperation for it to work.
Then it turns out he had logged off just after I’d finally got the pieces together for my punisher. “mining op?” calls squad leader, Pesky
Tonight there’s supposed to be a PVP op going on and godhelp my keyboard manufacturer if it doesn’t work.

To hell with wormholes!
December 29, 2009

Quote from Garil Xolte:

You can solo C2 wormholes fairly easily. Not the best money ever but if you’re only making 10m a day then you should easily pull more from a C2. For C3 and above you’ll likely want to take a fleet, and they can be VERY profitable. I’d offer to let you fly with my fleet and see what it’s like, but we’re US TZ so that probably wouldn’t work.

Another option for probing in highsec is complexes. You can pull 20m deadspace modules out of them fairly easily. They are rather low on the skill requirements too.

I agree with everything you say but I have a few problems. I got pirated in a wormhole today! I found a high sec wormhole, class 2, and decided to go in.

currently due to my lack of hacking/archaeology/salvage skills, I’ve been telling my corpmates about any sites I’ve found and see if they want to do them. Ine person in the corp made about 100 mill in a RADAR site i told him about, he then promised to give me 4 or 5 mill. There’s also a miner industrialist in the corp who’d be interested in any gravimetric sites I find because he mines all his own stuff. he also mines in wormholes.

So I’m in this class 2, hanging by the WH, trying to find any grav sites for him, and a tengu (yeh, second time I’ve been killed by one!) come in and shoot me. Then he goes and pods me. I lose bout 30 mill in implants and get pissed off! So that’s why I’m going  into wormholes until I have secure income.

So after this unfortunate encounter, i went back to scanning high sec sites, and came across a DED 3/10 drone asteroid infestation. I thought what the hell and tried it out in my arbi. It was easy and i got about 1 mill off it. Not bad but I’ve had better. Like i said in my last post, I’m going to specialise in mag and RADAR sites with trading on the side.


A recipe for success!
December 28, 2009

Well I’m pretty chuffed with myself. I just moved to Jita to do my trading, the cesspit of 0.01 isk undercutters. The new corp i hang out with now also lives a couple of jumps off Jita and I’ve become pretty friendly with most of them. I was invited to come along to a level 4 mission running op for money and standings for the Caldari navy, but i came on too late and didn’t have a ship ready. By the time i came in they were actually just salvaging the wrecks. Anyway, the trade in Jita seems to be going OK, I’m selling skillbooks, armour repairers, and scan probes.
Oh yeah, I didn’t say, this new corps called the brotherhood of fallen angels. Gang of about 9 people who I’ll join later today.
I also can now scan down hidden cosmic anomalies, signatures and other things like that with scan probes because I just trained up astrometrics III, along with astrometrics rangefinding. So far Ive managed to fully scan down a radar site that a friend from -BOFA- hacked/analysed (whichever, I forget) and got a couple of RAM (I think, the things that are used in invention. It gives much more runs than normal if you manage to invent the BPC.) anyway. He’s promised me about half the profit he makes from them which he reckons is about 10 mill isk at jita. I also then tried to scan down another gravimetric mining site (this is all just outside Jita while Im waiting for orders to fill.) I tried for an hour with 6 probes but it wouldn’t go above 50%.
Well, I think that’s about all the news for now. Just hoping all this trading is worth it.

Just an addon. Have you seen the new video tutorial on scanning from CCP. It’s very good and teaches you some good tips. Shame I already knew how to scan. But it’s still a good watch for a noob.

A move back to the arena
December 24, 2009

Well I have done that dreaded thing, trading! The last time I traded, people who read my first post know that the last time I tried this I lost about 1 million ISK. And back then, 1 million ISK was a lot of money to me. This time I’ve put far more money at risk, and to my great surprise, I made back the money, apart from my last investment, but i only just started that one about 10 minutes ago. So far, my best investments have been in armour repairer. I won’t tell you what modules exactly because I don’t want people nicking my trade, but so far, I’ve made back all the money and I’ve not sold all of it yet!My most recent investment has been in scan probes. These should give me about 50% profit.

The main reason I’m not missioning at the moment is that I got annoyed with the Amarr navy and I went off missions. I gave Tyler Mohaffy (My CEO) a weeks grace period for anything interesting to happen like, a new guy from an EU timezone or, him starting to play while I’m on.

I’m still open to recruitment ideas so send me a mail or a chat if you think you’ve got a corp I’ll like. Just be aware, I’ll be very unlikely to accept any corps that are too far outside the ‘Amarr’ system. Remember, wormholes are my favourite dream.